Halloween Decorating: Outside

Our outside decorations were pretty sparse this year. I had wanted to make a big UFO crash scene but we just never got around to it with all the running around to doctors appointments. I had also planned on taking off the storm door and doing something more to the front door (it has some half assed spider webs on it right now) but we never got around to doing that either. Since we got so many new indoor decorations this year, I think next year we'll go bigger outside. I will make that UFO!

It's really hard to see in this picture (and in the daytime in general) but I got this great skeleton window cling from Joannes a few weeks ago. Unfortunately it is impossible to hang up without air bubbles, but at night when the light is shining through it you can't see them. I'd love to get clings for all the street-facing windows!

I think these guys are probably my favorite outdoor decoration. I also got them at JoAnnes and I'd sort of like to leave them up all year.  There's no chance N will let me but we'll see if he remembers to take them down. ;) (Also, I really need to dig up all the dead flowers in the flower garden but mehhh.)

I got this skeleton guy last year at Michaels and he looked great in the flower garden surrounded by tomb stones. However this year the flower garden was filled with flowers and all my tombstones got broken in storage so he's been sadly hanging out in the yard. All the stakes broke off last year so I hot glued them back together and wouldn't you know, both the head and one of the arms have broken again. This poor guy should probably be trashed but I just don't have it in my heart to do that.

 (Last year.)


We haven't carved our pumpkins yet because THEY'RE FREAKING MOLDY! What the heck?! We picked these babies straight from the vine at the pumpkin patch! Needless to say I'm not very happy about that and I don't think we'll be carving them at all.

And last but not least my spider web! I got this from Target (and the spider too!) It's attached to the storm door but isn't affecting by the opening and closing.

I love this spider because she reminds me of my real life pet tarantula! Her name is Shelob. ;)

Hopefully I'll have better decorations to show off next year!

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  1. I love the flamingos!!!!
    I just put pumpkins outside that was it. Hopefully next year i'll get to do more :)