Tuesday Troubles

Stolen (with permission!) from Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

 - Saturday night was one of my dear friends from high school's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding but R was a complete disaster. She refused to even look at all the old friends I was trying to introduce her to, and kept screaming for this and that. We ended up taking her outside and she ran circles around N and I for probably an hour until it was pretty clear she was going to crash. We had to leave before the reception even started and I was super bummed out because I barely got to see anyone!

If I could marry this medication, I would consider it.

- I have been battling some pretty awful nausea for the past couple days. I couldn't find my Zofran this weekend so I took Phenegran instead which knocked me out cold for the entire day Sunday and most of Monday. Thankfully I found it last night! My big consult with the throat surgeon is tomorrow so I'm super anxious to see what he says.

- R and I slept in on Saturday and totally missed the trick-or-treat street in downtown Littleton that I really wanted to take her to. Halloween is coming up way too fast!

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- Yesterday I thought that the new HauteLook beauty bag was going to go on sale at 8am EST. I also thought it'd sell out quickly so I set my alarm for 6am (we're on Mountain time) and I refreshed for 15 minutes until I realized it was 8am PACIFIC! So I set my alarm again and woke up and ordered it, only to realize later that it wasn't selling out. Annoying! I'm excited to get it though. I just hope it doesn't take more than a month to get here.

- We were supposed to take family pictures yesterday but we had to postpone because the weather was awful. I shouldn't mind cold weather living in Colorado and everything, but I don't think I'll ever grow to appreciate it.

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