Subscriptions: Julep October 2013

Well I am pretty late to the party on this one. My boxes (my mask came in a separate box) were finally delivered on Friday, but I was in the mountains. But I'm super excited to finally see the polishes. I had originally thought there'd be quite a few that I didn't like, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that I liked the majority of them. I decided to upgrade this month because there was at least one polish in every set that I LOVED (that always seems to happen to me!), and I figured that any of the ones I didn't like I'd just stick on ebay (where I currently have quite a few polishes up for sale.) I also added on Beatrix and Casper (btw, don't you think those polishes should be included free in the upgrade?) because I have no self control. I REALLY hope that I hate all November's polishes. ;)

I have a TON of black eyeliner pencils right now and I've been more into liquid and cream liners lately so I wasn't super excited about the beauty item this month. However I'm definitely looking forward to trying out that mask. I really like the black masks I've tried from Origins and Lush so I'm hoping this won't disappoint.

From left to right: Beatrix, Missy, Casper, Anisa, Dahlia, Valerie, Stevie, Ciara, Kendra, Winona, and Cleopatra.

If you're interested in signing up for Julep feel free to use my referral link. ;) You can get your first box for free using the code "FREEBOX" and you're able to skip any month you want!

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