Thursday Thoughts

- Well this week has flown by a lot faster than I thought it would! I had some grand plans for posts earlier in the week but I haven't been able to get around to as much as I wanted to.

Being good-natured is not exactly her strong suit...

- We leave for Vail tomorrow for my cousin's wedding. R is going to be the flower girl and the dress came from Etsy two days ago and looks AMAZING. She seriously looks like a little angel. I just hope she can behave like one...

- I bought a pair of heels for the wedding and I'm a little nervous to attempt to wear them. Now I'm really regretting throwing out those Dr. Scholl's heel inserts. Uggh. I bought a great wiggle dress from Modcloth but it's hard for me to feel like anything other than a frumpy mom.

- Has everyone gotten their Julep boxes already except me? Since this is the first time I've ever done a full upgrade I'm super anxious to get mine.

- N's hand is doing SO much better. I'll save you from the pictures (that I've of course put on FB) but the improvement is huge. I am so thankful!

And this was after we won!

- I can't believe I almost forgot this but: HOCKEY IS BACK! N and I went to the Av's home opener last night and it. was. amazing. I haven't seen them score that many goals in years! And Patrick Roy flipping out at the end of the game (because one of the Duck's players dangerously kneed our brand new rookie) was just golden. Whatever this season holds I am excited for hockey to be back!

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