Subscriptions: Treatsie October 2013

Craftmade Toffee in caramel corn and almond,  Alma Chocolate's salted lavender caramel and Thai peanut butter cup, and Taza Chocolate's dark chocolate crispy crunch bar.

He's a peek at what was inside the Alma box!

Treatsie is probably my favorite subscription because I love candy and sweets, and I love discovering new artisinal brands. However this month was so-so for me because I'm not a fan of dark chocolate. However the toffee was absolutely incredible, and I've already eaten most of it already. ;) I also had to try the lavender salted caramel, and even though it was dark chocolate it was still delicious. I love a good caramel! The peanut butter cup and crispy bar will be a special treat for R when she gets up from her nap (which she currently isn't taking) and I know she'll love them!


  1. Hmm.. never heard of this box before! Everything looks so good!

    1. It's so good! And for only $15 a month it's totally worth it!