Fall Friend Swap 2013

I was lucky enough to participate in the Fall Friend Swap 2013 put on by Britney of Lady Luck, Alicia of Brew Mama, and Jodi of Love and Crayons. I've never done something like this before so I was super nervous (about picking good stuff for my partner!) and excited (about meeting a new blogger and getting something cool in return!)

I was paired with Danielle of Lean Green Mama, and let me tell you, she is awesome! I scrolled alllll the way back in her blog and read it from the beginning, and watching her fitness and running progress just blew my mind. I tried my hand at the Couch to 5k program two years ago and ended up running (ok, jogging, but that's just how I run!) two 5ks. I just about died after each one, and seeing Danielle's progress finishing a HALF FREAKING MARATHON practically brought a tear to my eye. Oh, and she has the cutest little boy ever who she calls Nugget. I definitely wish I could pinch those cheeks in real life!

Now onto the goodies!


Ok, how perfect is this scarf? The colors, the pattern, and well you can't tell from this picture, but it's super soft! True story: I just bought a quatrefoil rug for my living room because I love that print so much but Zulily sent me a damaged rug (and another one in a completely wrong color! But more about that later.) Anyway this is kind of strange to admit but I didn't really *discover* scarves for myself until last year. Despite living in snow-packed Colorado, I never wore scarves. And then I bought one last year and decided to wear it to school because my neck always got so cold. Obviously it was amazing and I felt like I had been re-born. So yeah to say I'm excited to wear this is an understatement.

THIS NAIL POLISH. Ok so let me back up. Earlier this year Julep did a mystery box where they sent out "sand salt" textured nail polishes in either pink, tan, or black with sparkles. I got the pink polish and while I liked it, I really wished I had gotten the black, and I could never figure out how to buy it. Well I got this polish and put it on right away. It's textured and it looks JUST like the Julep polish I missed out on! The coverage is great and it's super easy to wipe the excess of your skin (which is good for me because I'm a total spaz.) 

Halloween socks and mini M&Ms! Halloween is (obviously) my favorite holiday and I am greatly lacking in the fun sock department so these are perfect! And mini M&Ms are my favorite kind of M&Ms! I may or may not have eaten the entire tube in one sitting. ;)

 Cozy overload!

I kept forgetting to get a good picture of my nails in natural light so this is sadly the best I have. It lasted for about 5 days without chipping which is awesome, but I recently peeled it all off (OCD habit!) and am planning on using it again for Halloween!

This swap was so much fun and I can't wait to do another!!


  1. Love the box! cute scarf and polish and i love mini m&ms! :)

    Leanne - stylishlydeployed.blogspot.com

  2. you should sign up for bloglovin so I can follow you! :)

    1. I am! Here's my url: http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/10645311 :)

  3. What a cute scarf and I'm loving the nail polish.. So happy that you participated and enjoyed the Friendly Fall Swap.. Thank you!!

  4. wahoo. what a great package you got :) I love that you took the time and effort to really get to know your partner!

    So glad you participated and have a great time doing it.

  5. That nail Polish is awesome!!! Now I want some! And th scarf is so pretty!! Thanks for linking up! I'm excited to read more of your blog!

  6. I love the nail polish! It looks really nice. The scarf and socks are pretty cool too.

  7. Oh thank God I'm not the only one who "has to" read blog in their entirety... hahah!