Julep Zig-Zag Myster Box


Once again I told myself I wasn't going to fall into Julep's mystery box trap (especially since I upgraded in October) and once again I did. They found my chevron weakness and I just couldn't say no. Especially now that I'm selling all the polishes I don't like on ebay. Not that that's a good excuse at all...



From left to right: Dry Clean Invisible Dry Shampoo, Sea Salt Texture Spray, Chevron Nail Stickers, Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil, Doublestep Foot Treatment and Friction Stick, and polishes in Nellie and Clara.

I'm pretty disappointed in this box because I didn't know it was going to have so few polishes and so many beauty products. I'm not really into Julep's beauty products but I'll at least keep the dry shampoo. Everything else, including the polishes, is going up on e-bay ASAP. I really need to stop being fooled into these mystery boxes, but I'm sure I'll keep getting them. Especially now that I'm skipping the November collection. I really should work on my self control...


  1. You're too funny. I love the citrus lane box because I feel like I am always trying to get the kids little fun items anyway butttt I thought about canceling but I know as soon as I do it will be like the perfect box ever!! Ha.

    I have gotten the Julep box a few times.. I really like the nail polish but I feel like it peels off too soon.. maybe I am just bad at applying it?

    Let me know how you like the dry shampoo! I have been trying out a few different ones!

    1. I felt the same way about Fancy Box! Every month I was like "ok I'm going to cancel" but I was so worried that the next month would be amazing. I ended up cancelling and I've seen some cool boxes but nothing really worth the price tag.

      I've had some of the same issues with certain Julep polishes. I always use such thick coats that it peels off- and I have a habit of peeling off my nail polish anyway. I love the Julep colors but the formula can vary from polish to polish. They keep suckering me in though! I used the dry shampoo last night and it seemed to work well but this morning I couldn't use it because it was clogged. Their beauty products are just not great.