Sunday Social

1. What were you like in middle school and high school?

I was two pretty different people in middle school and high school. In middle school I was what kids used to call "preppy," meaning that I was on the cheerleading squad and bought the majority of my clothes at Abercrombie (Kids.) The summer between middle school and high school I hurt my wrists practicing back handsprings for cheerleading, and I decided to not try out for the high school squad. The mood issues I'd had my entire life also started to get more intense with the onset of puberty, and I started to struggle.

In high school I started to dress more "skater" (I loved Zumiez and Hot Topic), and the "alternative" style seemed to be more true to myself. I had a hard time making and maintaining friends because I am incredibly anti-social. I had my first serious boyfriend when I was a junior, and I was always pretty boy crazy. High school was a long, difficult experience, perhaps I'll write about it sometime. But it would require many, many paragraphs!

2. What were your favorite pastimes?

Boys, myspace, blogging (anyone remember Deadjournal?), makeup, taking embarrassing myspace selfies, and sleeping. Not much has changed, haha.

3. What songs were you obsessed with?

My favorite band in high school was Taking Back Sunday- and wouldn't you know, they're still my favorite band! Earlier this year I saw them on their 10 year anniversary tour for their album Tell All Your Friends and it was basically heaven. I loved "emo" music, but I never got into the scream-y stuff.

4. What fashion statement do you look backing and cringe?


Oh man, I went through a phase of way too much black eyeliner. There aren't any pictures of me from that time, thank god, but I'll never forget my parents telling me how ridiculous I looked, and me being SO mad at them for not "accepting me." I also wore my pants really, really low (I didn't do midriff baring tops or anything even remotely low cut), but looking back at pictures I wince and want to pull my pants up.

Oh god, I almost forgot. My junior year I had the top of my hair cut short so I could wear it in a faux hawk. I only did it once. But dear lord WHY.

5. Who was your celeb crush?

Orland Bloom- especially as Legolas in Lord of the Rings- was my first true celebrity crush in middle school. But after that I'd say it was Adam Lazzara of aforementioned Taking Back Sunday.

6. What was your favorite movie?

I really liked Lord of the Rings. ;) I saw the Fellowship in theaters 12 times because of a certain charming elf, haha. But I was also into all the classic "alternative" movies of the day that my friends and I thought were cinematic masterpieces (and truly, some are.) I loved, and still love, The Virgin Suicides, Garden State, Donnie Darko (duh), Saved, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, Detroit Rock City, and many more.

I'll leave you with some embarrassing high school selfies:

Lord forgive me for I have sinned!


  1. So obviously we should've been friends in HS haha (I left my emo side out of my Sunday social post) but funny story... Adam lazzara lives in the same city as I do and defiantly came into the mattress store I worked at a few years ago on my ONE day off! My coworker told me the following day "some rock star" came in and I about died when I figured out it had been Adam and I'll admit I also might have laid on all the beds he had "tested" out :x

    1. Oh my gosh I would have died! And 100% laid in all the beds he laid in. ;) He's married with an adorable son and another on the way, but I still stalk his IG (and his wife's because I can't get enough of his kid.)

  2. While I don't really "get" the Orlando Bloom elf infatuation, I loved the LoTRs movies - I think they did a fabulous job putting those books on screen (with the exception of the never ending marrying everyone off/stressing of happily every after bit which I think Tolkien wouldn't have given a toss about).

    As for your "alternative" faves? I loved (and own) Suicide Diaries - I think I just love anything Kirsten Dunst does. As for Saved! I saw it by accident in my mid-20s and thought it was by far one of the funniest moves I'd seen in years! I would have liked to have seen more of Mandy Moore and Macaulay Culkin in movies. Because they were fabulous in this one.

    1. The LoTR movies were so amazing! Did you ever watch the extended versions and all the behind the scenes footage? They put SO much work and detail into those movies- not all of it is computer generated! And I totally agree about Mandy Moore and Macaulay Culkin. I loved Mandy Moore in A Walk to Remember and The Princess Diaries- I just wish she had been in more comedies!

  3. Oh my gosh, I was super skater girl in high school...yet couldn't skate. Still, the pack of boys I hung out with (almost exclusively) could, so I felt cool by association! That and I got all of their hand me down skater tees and sweatshirts! They were small and I had no money....it worked out!

    1. Hahaha I was the exact same way! I fell off a skateboard trying to go down a hill and that was the end of me trying to do it myself. I considered myself a "fan of the sport" haha! But skater boys were far too cute to give up on. Funnily enough, I actually ended up marrying a BMX rider!