We were booed!


Booing has been going around our neighborhood for the past couple weeks, and just yesterday I was expressing my disappointment to N that we hadn't been Booed yet. I know that's a silly thing to be disappointed about, but I've been really wanting to do this (I've never seen it go around my neighborhood before!) and I knew R would love it. We're not super close with any of the other families with kids in our neighborhood since most have older kids, but we're met most of them. Well after a difficult morning wouldn't you guess what was on our doorstep! We'd been booed!


Whoever booed us left us these sweet toys in that fun pink bag. R is already in love with her new purse, and she's definitely grinding that purple play dough into the carpet as we speak. (Hey, that's what I have a Dyson for!) She loves toy balls and this one lights up and has had her squealing in excitement. She also had to "read" her little book, and she loves trains so this was a big win. She's never watched Chuggington before (but she has watched Thomas on Youtube) but it's only a matter of time, haha. The chalk jewels are also very cool and we'll be breaking those out as soon as it warms up outside!

R and I were headed to Target for a Starbucks date when I noticed our little package, so I decided to pick up some things for our own Boo goodies while I was there!


I love these classic pumpkin buckets.  And for only $1? I sort of want 100 of them. I don't know what for, but I'd think of something.


I really wanted to get some sort of Halloween baking mix but none of them would fit in the bucket, haha! So I opted for classic chocolate chip cookie mix and some fun Halloween sprinkles. I also found some cute cotton candy funnels and notepads, stickers, and sticky spiders from the $1 section!


I noticed the url for the printable signs on the sheet I was given, so I went there to print out my own instead of scanning the one I had already gotten. It looks a little funky because I'm having some issues with my (BRAND NEW, UGGH) black ink cartridge. You can still read it though which is all that really matters.

This is what the signs look like, and you can get them yourself here!


We have a storm door and I wanted the sign to be visible so I covered it in packing tape before hanging it up since the weather has been dicey around here. Now we just have to figure out who we're going to boo!


  1. that is such a neat Idea!!!! I wish our neighborhood did things like that, Guess i could start it huh? lol

  2. I remember doing this with my neighborhood growing up! It was always so much fun and I thought I was such a rebel when I got to dress in all black and run around the neighborhood secretly with my mom. We did something called the "Phantom Pumpkin" basically the same thing as being Booed, but you put a cut-out pumpkin on their door. Great memories!